Adjunct Faculty – Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Pool


Moraine Park Technical College is establishing a pool of candidates for potential Adjunct Faculty in Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) areas for the Beaver Dam, Fond du Lac, and West Bend campuses. The primary teaching responsibility will be in the EMT program; however, class assignments and locations may vary from term to term pending the applicant’s qualifications. This instructor may be asked to teach at various sites within the Moraine Park District to include campus, center, and business locations, and may be required to teach on evenings and weekends. This person reports to the Associate Dean of Human Services. This pool will stay active from July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024. After this time period, you will receive an email asking you to resubmit an application if you are still interested in potential adjunct opportunities.


  1. Prepare for and facilitate learning in the assigned courses according to the College’s core values. Establish a professional and safe learning environment.  Set the classroom tone by modeling appropriate workplace skills and behavior.  Maintain a positive climate for learning by performing classroom management and being aware of, monitoring and enforcing the Student Code of Conduct. 
  2. Meet the student learning needs by incorporating a variety of teaching methods and assessments.
  3. Maintain student records and documentation. Submit grades within the expected timeframe.  Provide timely verbal and written feedback to the students to ensure continued growth and development.   
  4. Actively participate in professional growth activities, such as: networking and sharing with and among faculty across the College, memberships, and professional organizations, accepting and incorporating guidance and support from peers and supervisors, staying up-to-date with technology trends, maintaining occupational competence, staying current in the field and creating and maintaining a professional development plan. Assist with mentoring other full-time and adjunct faculty.
  5. Maintain equipment and supplies for the classroom and labs, as necessary to support the assigned program area and future trends in industry.  Work with supervisor to identify alternative funding sources as needed. 


  1. Minimum of EMT Technical Diploma along with two (2) years (4,000 hours) of paid work experience, within the past five (5) years, related to the program(s) being taught. Must have experience with pre-hospital emergency care.
  2. Must be presently licensed or eligible for licensure by Wisconsin Department of Health Services as an Emergency Medical Technician, and must hold the following:
    • Current license/certificate as Emergency Services Instructor II issued by the State of Wisconsin-Department of Health Services-Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Section.
    • Current certification with the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians at the EMT level or higher.
    • Current Basic Life Support Instructor certification preferred with the American Heart Association required.
  3. Qualified instructors have performed the following job duties:

•Patient Assessment

• Airway and Respiratory Management, Cardiac and Pulmonary Arrest Management, & Oxygen and Oxygen Resuscitation Management

• Management of Bleeding and Shock, Application and Inflation of PASG (pneumatic antishock garments)

• Care and Treatment of Soft Tissue Injuries • Care and Treatment of Fractures and Dislocations

• Care and Treatment of Spinal Injuries, Injuries to the Head, Face, Neck, Spine, Chest, Abdomen, and Genitalia

• Care and Treatment of Non-Traumatic Medical Emergencies [i.e., Diabetes, Epilepsy, cardiovascular accident (CVA), Acute Abdomen, Poisoning, etc.]

• Emergency Childbirth • Management of Burns and Exposure to Hazardous Materials

• Environmental Emergencies & Psychological Emergencies

• Patient Extrication and Immobilization Techniques

• Ambulance and Emergency Vehicle Operation

• Administrative Functions of EMS & EMS Communications

• Body Substance Isolation & Lifting and Moving Patients

• Basic and 12 lead EKG (electrocardiogram) interpretation

• Administration of inhaled medications. Initiation, maintenance, and discontinuance of IV (intravenous) and IO (intra-osseous) lines. Administration of IM (intramuscular), IV, IO, PO (by mouth), and SQ (subcutaneous) medications

  1. Ability to adapt to meet student needs, including flexibility in scheduling, workload, and type/variety of communication.
  2. Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Ability to convey ideas and concepts in a professional manner. Ability to adjust to variance in communication and learning styles of students. Ability and willingness to communicate regularly with students and other internal and external customers.
  3. Ability to understand and promote the educational philosophy and programs that MPTC offers. Willingness to grow and evolve with the College’s educational philosophy.
  4. Experience working and participating in a team environment and collaborating with other individuals and teams to meet student needs. Willingness to help students and team members grow and learn.
  5.  Demonstrated ability to work effectively with diverse populations by promoting and maintaining an inclusive work environment and culture that is respectful and accepting of diversity.
  6. Experience with the MS Office Suite, the internet and email. Ability and willingness to learn new technologies. Experience with online learning platforms and student management systems preferred.
  7. Ability and willingness to continuously learn and accept constructive feedback.
  8. Strong organizational and time management skills. Must be able to manage time and schedule effectively.
  9. Previous community involvement and a desire to give back to the profession and community.
  10. Must meet Faculty Quality Assurance System requirements as detailed in Chapter TCS 3 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code.


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