Adjunct Faculty – Traffic Safety Pool


Moraine Park Technical College is establishing a pool of candidates for potential Adjunct Faculty for Traffic Safety positions for the Beaver Dam, Fond du Lac, and West Bend campuses. This pool will stay active from July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024. After this time period, you will receive an email asking you to resubmit an application if you are still interested in potential adjunct opportunities.

Class assignments and locations may vary from term to term. This instructor may be asked to teach at various campuses within the Moraine Park District, and may be required to teach on evenings and/or weekends. This person reports to the Associate Dean of Human Services.


1. Prepare for and facilitate learning in the assigned courses according to the College’s core values. Establish a professional and safe learning environment. Set the classroom tone by modeling appropriate workplace skills and behavior. Maintain a positive climate for learning by performing classroom management and being aware of, monitoring and enforcing the Student Code of Conduct.
2. Meet the student learning needs by incorporating a variety of teaching methods and assessments.
3. Maintain student records and documentation. Submit grades within the expected timeframe. Provide timely verbal and written feedback to the students to ensure continued growth and development.
4. Participate and successfully complete Department of Transportation Traffic Safety Certification In-service Biennially.
5. Working within the District policies, provide instruction in the Traffic Safety area as assigned.
6. Maintain student records using the Wisconsin Department of Transportation database.
7. Assist in the ongoing development of and revision of performance-based curriculum using criteria and guidelines established by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and the Change companies.
8. Plan instruction and materials that incorporate a variety of learning styles and intelligence to enable students to achieve course outcomes in accordance with College, work team and legal guidelines.
9. Maintain required District, Wisconsin Department of Transportation, and Department of Human Services reports and student records.
10. Work collaboratively with faculty and staff to support the primary system of teaching and learning, and to foster a learner-centered environment incorporating MPTC’s standards of teaching excellence.
11. Develop professionally through an individualized professional growth plan which provides for continuous improvement and which may include internal and external training, in-service activities and occupational and technological updates.


1. Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent with related work experience.
2. Current certification by the as a General Traffic Safety, Group Dynamics, and Multiple Offender instructor.
3. Ability to work effectively in a team based, quality environment.
4. Preparation in educational principles, teaching, curriculum development or guidance and counseling preferred.
5. Working knowledge of active teaching techniques, core ability integration and performance assessment.
6. Ability to communicate ideas effectively, both orally and in writing.
7. Ability to design and write performance-based curriculum.
8. Ability to participate in teams and processes effectively.
9. Ability to use PC computers for word processing, e-mail and curriculum delivery.

Traffic Safety Program Instructor Qualifications:
To be certified, a group dynamics traffic safety instructor shall meet at least 2 of the following 3 subsections, including sub. (1) (a), (2) (a) or (3) (a) from at least one subsection, at the time of application. An individual who does not meet a requirement specified in sub. (1) will be required to monitor a general traffic safety course:
(1) Traffic safety experience equal to one of the following:
   (a) Two years of occupational experience, or a comparable amount of experience and education in the area of traffic safety or a related field, such as driver education, law enforcement, fleet safety management, or experience in a safety related position with the division of motor vehicles.
   (b) Monitor the WTC general traffic safety course plus have completed a one semester, or 45 hour, traffic safety studies or accident prevention course.
(2) AODA experience equal to one of the following:
   (a) Two years of occupational experience or a comparable amount of experience and education in the area of AODA counseling, education, or treatment or related fields, such as student assistance program director or employee assistance program director.
   (b) Completed a minimum of 45 hours in an accredited college level course in the area of AODA education or treatment.
(3) Group process experience equal to one of the following:
   (a) Two years occupational experience in group process work or group counseling as a treatment or education professional.
   (b) Completed a minimum of 45 hours in an accredited college level course in the area of group work methods, group counseling or group process.


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