Assistant Superintendent – WTRRF

The City of Fond du Lac is accepting applications for the position of Assistant Superintendent. This full-time position supervises, directs and coordinates various operations of the Fond du Lac Regional Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery Facility and plant personnel as required and assigned. The main goal is to meet the plant effluent permit discharge requirements, and to operate the facility in an energy efficient and safe manner.

Duties and Responsibilities
• Supervises operations staff to maintain continuous operation and efficiency of operations, and monitors operator certification status for compliance as required. Interprets operational data to monitor treatment process and permit compliance; analyzes process log sheets and instrument readings to determine reduction in efficiency or malfunctions in processing equipment; determines solids loadings and solids digestion removal activities to pace centrifuge operations; monitors phosphorus loading and schedules coagulant dosage, reviews data and processes and makes necessary adjustments to meet nutrient removal requirements; analyzes process control testing and lab results to adjust secondary system to proper solids and dissolved oxygen levels;
• Manage the operations of the Biogas System including biological hydrogen sulfide removal, siloxane removal, gas pressure skid, and a biogas engine generator. Manages a high strength waste feed system and communicates daily with area industries to procure substrates.
• Coordinate facility biosolids program, hauling schedule and field application rates. Additionally, this position monitors phosphorus compliance initiatives and coordinates research activities.
• Operates, troubleshoots, and manages the first Paques deammonification system in the country. Optimizing the feed quality and reactor environment is critical to successful side stream treatment to maintain 90% ammonia removal.
• Coordinates plant maintenance activities with Wastewater Maintenance Foreman, including the equipment preventative maintenance schedule; identifies repair and maintenance needs and initiates corrective maintenance by completion and submission of maintenance request forms.
• Maintains liaison with plant laboratory and troubleshoots problem areas as requested.
• Monitors and enforces plant safety procedures to ensure compliance with all current regulations and procedures specified in the City Safety Policy.
• Prepare all compliance reports as required: CMAR, DMR, SARA Tier II, air emission inventory, and other reports as assigned; manages Hach WIMS software program to develop statistical correlation between operational parameters.
• Assists in organizing the City’s Clearwater Program involving the cleaning, televising, and inspecting of the plant and sanitary sewer system. This role is in regular communication with the TV & Metering Techs who perform the televising.
• Maintains 24/7 on call availability and performs all duties of the Wastewater Superintendent in his/her absence.

• BS in Engineering, Chemistry, Biology or related field with five to seven years’ wastewater treatment experience; and supervisory experience. Must have Grade IV or Advanced Wisconsin Wastewater Operator License.
• Possession of all required subgrades desired.
• Ability to acquire all required subgrades within 1 year from date of hire.

BENEFITS: We offer a comprehensive benefit package including health, life, dental, and vision insurance; long-term disability; 457 and Roth retirement plans; and participation in the Wisconsin Retirement System. This continues to be one of the best-funded public employee retirement systems in the country. The financial strength of the WRS is attributable to its unique plan design, funding discipline, strong governance, and the effective investment strategies of the State of Wisconsin Investment Board. Relocation and Educational Assistance is also available.

PAID TIME OFF: We offer a generous paid time off package including compensatory time in lieu of overtime, 9 standard holidays, 5 floating holidays, sick leave (8 hours/month); and vacation schedule based on previous career and field experience.

SALARY RANGE: We offer a competitive compensation package (salary range $72,210 – $82,525 annually) based upon knowledge, skills, and abilities with potential to receive additional step increases based on meeting and/or exceeding goals/expectations; annual COLA and step increases pending City Council approval of budgets; and future promotional opportunities in alignment with succession and career path.

If you are interested in this excellent opportunity, please submit a City application, or a detailed resume and cover letter describing your interest and experience as it relates directly to this position to Jackie Braatz.

Open until filled.

Equal Opportunity Employer

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