Where the Future Begins!

Moraine Park Technical College logo

The Start of Many Future Careers Where better to search for future careers than where the education begins. I had a great opportunity to tour Moraine Park Technical College’s Fond du Lac campus. Here, I was informed on multiple programs a person can take to prepare themselves for the workforce. I observed many career paths […]

The Importance of Career Paths Growing Up

Kondex logo

Career Paths Growing Up As I looked at all the upcoming freshmen walking down the hallways of the high school, it brought me back to my first night taking a look at what my new school was going to be.  Each student with the same look on their faces and the same idea: how exciting […]

How Hospitals can keep you from Hospitals

Agnesian Healthcare logo

GREEN, RED, YELLOW– Stop light or food? As the New Year is here, New Year resolutions are made. Some can be changing in many aspects of life. This including eating a little healthier. Agnesian Hospital has taken a different look on this New Year’s resolution and applied it to their cafeteria menu. Agnesian has set […]

Insurance Doesn’t Have to be Stressful

Society Insurance logo

Just Throw a Stress Ball! STRESS BALL FIGHT!!! The friendly and fun welcome that I received from Society Insurance was incredible! We were able to go in just in time to see their Halloween decorations. It was clear for me to see that although work needs to get done, it can be in done in […]

Take Control of Your Career!

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Imagine: its vacation time. The most exciting thing about going on vacation is finally arriving at the hotel! Have you ever wonder what our hotels in Fond du Lac have to offer? Well, I was able to get a look at our local Holiday Inns. I had the chance to take a look at the […]

From Raw to Finished!

QuadGraphics logo

Hey there again! Did you ever wonder where your favorite magazines come from? Well…I recently found out. I was able to tour Quad Graphics, a printing company located just outside of Fond du Lac in the town of Lomira. It is one of the biggest companies that make the Fond du Lac area so unique. […]

What is the one thing you can always find in Wisconsin?

Baker cheese logo

That’s right… cheese Whether it is cheddar, provolone, parmesan, mozzarella or just about any other type of cheese you can name, there is a good chance that some of it is produced in the place we call home (there is a reason why we are affectionately known as “cheese heads”) and I recently had the […]

French Name is Double-Edged Sword for Our Town

Wooden board of cheese

Women everywhere long to look as chicly fashionable as French women. A kiss atop the Eiffel tower is nearly de rigueur for romantics at heart. The wines of France are sublime, the croissants delicious, the brie binge-worthy. The countryside remains a bucolic canvas while the cities are a tourism tour de force. It’s no wonder […]

Fond du Lac Takes Unusual Step to Make Newcomers Feel at Home

Women blowing a handful of snow

The city of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, is not unlike a lot of Midwest towns. Easy to get around plus an easy drive to the big cities. Mix of manufacturing and commerce. Solid work ethic. Pretty location on the shore of a lake. Population a manageable 43,000. While all of that paints a pretty picture, […]