Bid & Proposal Engineer M/F



This position is responsible for customer projects from the receipt of the inquiry until customer has placed the order, and internal order process has been completed.  This job description describes the essential duties, responsibilities, skills and knowledge required for the role of a Bid & Proposal Engineer, and does not address in-depth machine type knowledge. 

Scope and Responsibilities:


Essential duties include, but are not limited to the following:


Proactively attains a safe and healthy work environment for all employees.


Maintains working queue of assigned open proposals and their priority within Salesforce CRM system and other RFQ methods.


Communicates with Sales to confirm details of the project -scope, customer contact, proposal due date, proposal send dates, etc.


Conducts proposal review meetings as required.


Communicates with engineering team for necessary input and costs, and hours if needed.


Responsibilities related to preparing detailed proposals using standardized formats and elements maintained in the proposal library as well as contributing to the library.


Prepares cost analysis and challenges any cost information gathered if deemed questionable.


Prepares and sends proposal to salesperson, project manager of customer as required.


Organizes Formal Management Review (FMR) for high value and/or high-risk project proposals.


Follows up on sent proposal with Sales and Customer.


Provides technical and cost data support during order negotiations.


Review’s customer purchase orders for accuracy; assures it matches what was negotiated, checks variances from latest proposal, verifies any technical deviations, and looks for any conflicting language or expectations from Fives MSI.


Prepares New Business Confirmation.


If an export order, reviews details with Export Manager and supports licensing efforts with gathered information.


Conducts order review meeting with appropriate personnel and departments.


Prepares percentage completion information as required.


Submits order related information to PP&C to enter internal order.


Verifies that the internal order accurately reflects the customer order content.


Sends order acknowledgement letter to customer.


Submits a cost budget to Finance.


Interfaces with Credit/Collections to ensure that correct invoices are sent out in a timely manner to the proper person at the customer location.


Maintains all proposal documents on network for future use.


Various special interest group activities as needed by business to successfully execute project or for continuous improvement activity.



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