Educational Assistant (Regular and Special Education)

Purpose Statement:

The EDUCATIONAL ASSISTANT position was established for the purpose of supporting children’s learning

and supporting the teacher in relation to the educational and social development of students.

Reports to:

Lead Teacher directly

Responsibilities assigned by Lead Teacher, Special Education Director and/or Principal


● Supervises the behavior of students in the classroom, throughout the school, and on

educational trips

Essential Functions:

● Assist in the educational and social development of students

● Assist with classroom management, activities, and lessons

● Ensure the classroom environment is safe and clean

● Supervise students during non-classroom times including in-between classes, during lunch, recess and on field trips

● Collaborate with lead teachers to recognize issues students are facing and recommend solutions

● Administer assessments as directed

● Assist with maintaining student records

● Assist with collecting progress monitoring data

● Assist with implementation of Individual Educational Program (IEP)

● Comply with state, school, and class rules and regulations


● Must have a compassionate and positive attitude.

● Ability to relate to children and reinforce lessons taught in class

● Thorough understanding of classroom procedures and management

● Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

● Outstanding interpersonal and presentation abilities.

● Ability to collaborate with lead teacher

● Strong supervisory and leadership skills

● Maintain confidentiality

● Ability to physically assist students as required (positioning, lifting, transferring, restraining, etc.)

● High school diploma or equivalent qualification

Work Environment

● Prolonged periods of standing, sitting and walking

● Occasionally lift and/or move up to 50 pounds (and/or up to adult size body weight with two or three person lift)

● Position can require some degree of physical interaction with students who have difficulty controlling physical behavior

● Must be able to traverse all areas of the school quickly, including indoor and outdoor areas, in order to assist students, as well as lead students to safety in the event of an emergency


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