Flatbed Die Cutter Operator

Fond du Lac


The Young Shin Flatbed Die Cutter Operator is responsible for the quality and quantity of production
on the assigned machine. Directs and assists crew in running, setting up, and clean up of machine. Management is always available.

Typical Duties:

  1. Mount the cutting die for the next order on the Chase Loader while the machine is running an order.  Add Matrix or any other additions as per the die cut specification in print or on the cutting die.
  2. Once order is completed, jog machine to the zero mark and follow LOTO plant procedures.
  3. Remove the cutting die from the previous order and put it in the designated “completed order” area.
  4. Remove the stripping die and place in the “completed order” with the cutting die.
  5. Place and set the stripping dies in the machine and lock in place.
  6. Direct and assist the assistant(s) in setting up any part of the machine not yet completed.
  7. Once the setup is completed run one sheet and check the die cut to ensure all areas are cutting and scoring properly.
  8. Make any required operating adjustments to the machine to insure a quality product is being produced.
  9. Ensure product being produced meets customer specifications to the order being produced.
  10. A minimum of ONE item for each number out is folded and checked for proper quality to meet customer specification.
  11. Directs and assists the crew when necessary to meet and maintain productivity expectations.
  12. Responsible for accurate reporting of setup and productivity times.
  13. Reports any and all irregularities in quality, mechanical, maintenance needs.
  14. Keeps the work area clean and orderly as time permits.
  15. When available keeps next loads to be die cut moved in place for the feeder.
  16. Assist the crew in any area needed to meet a expectations in safety, quality, waste, and productivity expectations.
  17. Performs any required data collection, acceptable samples or recording related to the Quality process.
  18. Performs any other duties as assigned by management.

Responsibilities Related to Training & Fill-in:

Responsible to direct and train any crew members(s) in the proper safety, quality, waste, and productivity expectations.

Attendance and Hours of Work:

Attendance at all scheduled shifts and overtime is an essential function of this position. The normal shift for this position is 8 hours per day, Monday through Friday. However, the employee may be required to
stay beyond the regular scheduled hours to meet customer needs. The employee must also work overtime on weekends as scheduled. The frequency of overtime will depend on meeting customer needs and expectations.

Physical and Mental Requirements:

  • The employee must be able to perform all physical requirements as set by the company.                    
  • The employee must have the mental and cognitive skills necessary to perform the job duties on this Description.                    
  • Ability to read and understand written instructions, safety warnings, gauges, monitors, dials and similar items.                      
  • Ability to communicate with supervisors and employees and maintain a professional and calm attitude during a busy work cycle.             
  • Ability to multi-task in a fast-paced environment.                                                                                     
  • Ability to perform general math calculations associated with the duties in this description.             
  • Ability to satisfy the expected/target pace of the operations and tasks in a timely manner.              
  • Ability to recognize unsafe work practices or hazards and take steps to avoid them and to notify management of their existence             
  • This section is a guide and not limited to only the items mentioned above.
  • Follow all Environmental, Quality, Health, and Safety Policies as outline in procedures and training.

Adhere to Product Safety and Good Manufacturing Practices as outlined in procedures and training.


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