Food Scientist II – Research & Development

Fond du Lac
Full Time


Job Summary

Plans, organizes, and performs scientific research projects in support of new products within the Custom Ingredients Group. Scope includes prototype development, university research support, technical service support to facilities, and product testing and documentation.

Job Duties & Responsibilities

1. Research Project Design and Development

a. Designs scientific research and development projects in collaboration with a larger research team.

b. Develops and/or refines research projects to accomplish strategic organizational, product, service, and/or ideological goals and objectives.

c. Investigates the feasibility of applying a variety of scientific principles and concepts to potential inventions and products.

d. Participates and contributes to group “ideation” sessions with other researchers to solve technical issues or with other departments to generate new product and/or process ideas.

e. Collaborates to determine technical targets and develops assessment of potential success.

f. Contributes to scientific literature and conferences utilizing the company library, university libraries, or private literature search services to identify, acquire, study, understand, and report on published research articles, books or other informational materials pertinent to strategic organizational company research objectives.

g. Possesses knowledge of state-of-the-art principles and theories in area of food science for project execution.

2. Experiment or Trial Planning and Execution

a. Implements and executes scientific research and development projects in collaboration with a larger research team.

b. Utilizes scientific methods to evaluate hypotheses, execute experiments/trials, and generate accurate data.

c. Builds a base of knowledge and understanding pertinent to organizational research interests either independently or in collaboration with all levels of Associates, and as required, external customers or vendors.

d. Completes test/experiment preparations including experimental plan design, raw material acquisition, equipment and personnel scheduling, data collection, analytical spreadsheet design, and contingency planning, etc.

e. Conducts, participates in, and/or supervises the execution of experiments or trials including equipment set-up/clean-up, experimental plan execution, and data gathering/compilation.

f. Collaborates with Pilot Plant Technicians to set-up, run, and evaluate pilot plant trials to accomplish established trial objectives.

g. Supports the commercial plant trial process by providing all participating plant Associates with information on all trial details and direction on all trial procedures.

3. Research Evaluation, Analysis, and Application

a. Conducts a critical evaluation and analysis of all assigned new product and process research projects.

b. Conducts testing as required based on experimental goals, e.g. molecular, physical, functional, and sensory evaluation.

c. Utilizes mathematical and statistical methods to gain new insights or achieve “breakthrough” discoveries that advance organizational research goals and interests.

d. Searches for new commercial research applications and creates opportunities to build sustainable competitive advantage.

e. Analyzes the potential for commercial application and financial benefit to the organization in collaboration with other departments.

f. Compiles and communicates research data summaries, reports, and papers to accurately document research work and activity.

4. Scientific Leadership

a. Uses professional concepts and procedures to solve a wide range of difficult scientific problems.

b. Supports internal and external projects with technical input.

c. Demonstrates potential for technical proficiency, scientific creativity, and collaboration with independent thought.

The above list reflects the general details necessary to describe the principle and essential functions of the position and shall not be construed as the only duties that maybe assigned.

Qualifications & Requirements

Bachelors Degree in Food Science or related field required, with a dairy emphasis strongly desired.

Graduate Degree Master’s degree preferred.

Experience & Training

• Internship experience in dairy products and/or food industry research and development preferred.

• Active participation in outside scientific industry organizations.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

• Broad-base scientific skills and knowledge (microbiology, chemistry, statistics, biology, sensory science, food science, dairy science, biochemistry)

• Effective writing, presentation, interpersonal, and communication skills

• Ability to read, analyze, and interpret scientific and technical journals, financial reports, and legal documents

• Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite

• Familiarity with sanitary standards, good manufacturing practices and laboratory testing of milk, cheese, and whey products




Bachelors Degree or better in Food Science.


Masters Degree or better in Food Science.


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