From Raw to Finished!

Hey there again! Did you ever wonder where your favorite magazines come from? Well…I recently found out. I was able to tour Quad Graphics, a printing company located just outside of Fond du Lac in the town of Lomira. It is one of the biggest companies that make the Fond du Lac area so unique.  

It is amazing how raw materials like paper and ink can become a finished magazine.  I was able to see the process myself which takes place in several parts around the company plant. It starts with the engraing of large copper rolls and ends with the magazine pages being bound together.

While walking through the tour I was able to see the great opportunities and benefits that Quad had to offer employees. Imagine…a cafeteria, medical clinic, dentistry, pharmacy, day care, and own gym with a personal trainer! Who wouldn’t want their workplace to have all of these perks?! Have to work and need a doctor appointment? Quad has it all in one building. Need to start working out but have the excuse of work? Quad has it all in one building. Need something from the pharmacy? Quad has it all in one building!

How convenient is that?!

Multiple Flexible Schedules

When talking to the Human Resource Department I also learned a little about work schedules. And let me tell you how convenient they were for all different kind of individuals. Let’s say you are quite a busy person. Maybe school and social life takes up most of your time. Well don’t worry; Quad has a schedule for you! They offer a variety of flexible schedules that accommodate individuals with different schedules. They understand that not everyone’s lives and routines are the same. Therefore they even provide an 8 hour shift schedule, night, day, weekends.  Not only do they provide these schedules but they also provide multiple employee positions.

Quad provides many employment opportunities from on the floor to the medical field to the manufacturing field. Quad Graphics also offers youth apprenticeships positions for those that will work in the manufacturing field.  Young adults, like me, can have an opportunity to experience what it is like to be working in that career path. It is such a great opportunity to get the taste of what it is like to work in a particular department. Not only could someone experience this but also receive a high school credit and be paid for the work.

Imagine that! Getting paid to do “school” work! Who wouldn’t want that?!

  • Jennifer Rivera
    Youth Apprentice at FDL Association of Commerce

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