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Location: McNeilus Steel, Inc.
Job: various

This month, I had the opportunity to engage with McNeilus Steel, Inc.

This company is fascinating! I was able to watch the process of the coils being flattened so they could be used in other applications for end-users. The technology in this company is amazing!

I was able to speak with everyone from the human resources director to the general manager, and the plant manager to the bench press operator. Every role is integral to the overall operation.

McNeilus Steel is a family-owned, full-line steel distributor and processor dedicated to providing customers with the best in material quality, responsive customer service, and on-time delivery. They have 750 employees and four warehouses located in Dodge Center, Minnesota, Fargo, North Dakota, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, and Morristown, Tennessee.

As someone who has never worked in a manufacturing environment, I found this organization to be incredibly clean, full of safety measures, and surrounded by quality employees who found value in what they were doing (I also met a number of individuals who started in entry-level positions and have moved up into other positions).

The good news for you? McNeilus Steel is hiring! All their opportunities can be found on their website. While you’re on the website, be sure to check out the benefits.

In the end, I was really impressed with the overall operation. It was refreshing to hear from employees who had been there since the beginning (that says something about this company!). Be sure to check them out!   

Tracy is the Senior Director of Marketing and Communication at Envision Greater Fond du Lac.

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