In this months’ episode of Where is Envision Working, we bring you here!

Location: The Diner

Job: Wait staff, cooks

This month, we had the opportunity to work at The Diner is downtown Fond du Lac. What an experience! This place is fast-paced, and the time flew by. Additionally, we had a great time talking with the staff and the customers. It really felt like a family here.

When we first arrived, we had a quick on-boarding session with owner Sandra, then were on our way. The set up is simple and it works. The nostalgia permeates the space here. From the booths and counter to the visible grill, to the pictures on the wall, this diner takes you back. It truly was a (positive) step back in time.

When asking current staff why they work there, they said things like, “the days fly by because it is normally always busy” and “It’s a close-knit group here. We look out for each other.” From what we hear, the income is pretty good too.

Something else that is neat here is you can work here how your schedule allows. Sandra told us she has some staff who only work 1 day a week…. because that is what works for them. The Diner is trying to accommodate today’s workforce needs.

Jill spent much of her time in the back of the house, washing dishes and speaking with the kitchen staff. I, Tracy, spent my time in the front of the house clearing tables, resetting, and pouring coffee (took me back to my high school days when I was a waitress at the original IHOP in town).

The good news for you? The Diner is hiring! You can find out their employment openings via their Facebook page…or just stop in and have a conversation over a delicious breakfast.

In the end, we had a good time working here. Additionally, we realized we now have a much higher appreciation (more than we had before) of those who work in the service industry. They are quite remarkable.  

Tracy is the Senior Director of Marketing and Communication at Envision Greater Fond du Lac.

Jillian Saiberlich is the Membership Coordinator at Envision Greater Fond du Lac.

Four people in a diner
Four people in a diner

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