Integration Leader

Dear possible Drexel team member,

We are looking, always looking, for ROCKSTARS. As Lady Gaga says in her lyrics, “We are all born superstars.” Our job at Drexel is to figure out what you are amazing at, train you up, and unleash you to the world to help us in our MISSION TO SUPPLY HAPPINESS. It really is that simple.

You see, when I started, we had 8 people working here. We now have over 700.
But we still hate corporate and still think small. But we also learned a lot. We need people that are quirky, think different, that want to be fully empowered to change things here. But also people that can color between the lines. If you want to change the lines, that is great. You are empowered to do that, but we need people that can lead, while ALSO staying in the lines to get things done for our contractors and builders. We need you organized on their behalf! Get it? GOOD.

And if you don’t, that is ok too. This place ain’t for everyone, I promise.

We really don’t care too much if you have experience. Our industry is kind of in shambles and does a lot of awful things with the way they go to business and treat their customers, the builders. We do it differently. We don’t hate the experience, we just want to make sure you leave your baggage behind. If you don’t have experience, look through our job openings and JUST GO FOR IT. Apply away. Tell us why this might be what God made you for!

I’ll bullet out a few more reasons to work here:

1. 11 strong core values.

2. TRULY people over profits.

3. We give a tremendous amount of money back to our communities to supply happiness each year.

4. We Care. About you and our customers!

5. Quirky. Fun. Different.

6. ESOP. You receive FOR FREE OWNERSHIP STOCK in our company every year working here. You are an owner.

7. Your kids can go to college for free. For real.

8. Off on your birthday. And a lot more fun little perks too!

9. Balanced life. 40 hour work weeks.

10. We work together. YOUR VOICE IS HEARD. I promise.

Bonus point: 12 STRAIGHT YEARS as a Wisconsin Top Workplace.

Hey if you don’t believe me, I get it. Please watch the video below… That’s our team. Telling YOU about US.


Joel Fleischman, CEO/President Drexel Building Supply


… logical and resourceful?

… Finds solutions to people’s everyday tech questions? (maybe you are the go to person for your family when it comes to technology.) 

… Can translate “Nerd speak” into regular English?

… Can multitask with the best of them?

… Enjoys working with people? 

If you said yes then people keep reading because we have an amazing Technology opportunity available. Start getting excited … 

Lead the planning and implementation of combining various and sometimes unlike subsystems into a unified, single system.

Assess existing systems and infrastructure to determine upgrade needs and integration possibilities.

Communicate with vendors and subcontractors to determine ideal subsystem pricing and sourcing.

Continually monitor and share progress of integration projects to Drexel Team.  

Communicate and help Drexel Team understand capabilities and options based on team and client needs. 

Having a lot of fun while doing work that turns an old,crusty industry upside down. 

Working with team member who have crazy ideas to go along with your crazy ideas. 

We will push you to make us BETTER, to find inefficiencies and propose a solution to correct them.

Are you excited?! Does it sound like the career that you’ve been waiting for? 

Well, why are you still reading? Apply already!


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