NFDL Charter High School ELA/Humanities Teacher

NFDL Charter High School (a part of the North Fond du Lac School District) is looking for a full-time teacher to teach ELA and Humanities Teacher. The mission of NFDL Charter High School is to use a strength-based educational approach to provide ALL students with the opportunity to impact the community, have agency over their learning, and fully realize their potential for life success. It is a co-located school with Horace Mann High School. NFDL Charter High School plans to be a project-based learner-centered that will open in the Fall of 2023. The school will open in grades 9th-10th and eventually be 9th-12th. The ELA/Humanities teacher will be employed through the North Fond du Lac School District and report to the principal of the school.

● Applicants must possess a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in education. License in ELA, Social Studies, or Alternative Education preferred.
● At least three years of public education experience or related.
● Strong organizational skills
● Strong verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills
● Ability to deal effectively, graciously, and with flexibility in situations that require tact and good judgment
● Strong work record, dependable
● Willingness to obtain an Alternative Education License

Continue the development and implementation of a new charter school designed to meet the needs of ALL learners
● Advise students in the design of their learning.
● Develop meaningful life-long relationships with all students.
● Lead field days, advise independent student projects and progress, and coordinate school activities in a project-based learning environment
● Motivate and encourage each student; develop a personalized learning plan for each student.
● Develop curriculum, projects, and seminars that support mastery learning
● Use multiple, varied assessments and continuous, descriptive feedback to guide all students to improve their academic competence and self-esteem as a learner.
● Differentiate instruction and provide extended learning time to support varied learning styles and the success of all students.
● Collaborate and learn with colleagues; be receptive to new ideas; take appropriate risks to implement best practices.
● Develop competency-based learning experiences.
● Guide students to develop authentic projects that are relevant and go beyond the school walls
Take all necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students, equipment, materials, and facilities.
● Reflect, learn, and grow along with students and participate
● Build and maintain positive community partnerships
● Work with NFDL District to ensure a plan for Special Education services is in place
● Engage in ongoing professional development
● Effectively report learning progress to appropriate stakeholders

Salary Range: NFDL offers a competitive benefits package and specific wages will be negotiated dependent on experience

To Apply: Interested candidates can apply through WECAN at
● Resume
● Cover Letter

Timeline: Open until April 21,2023

For further information: Contact Edward Jelicka via email at or at
the school: 920-266-8199

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