Process & Automation Specialist M-F 8:00 am-4:30 pm

Full Time
Fond du Lac


Conceptualize, develop and design small to medium scale equipment and automation projects from inception through completion involving the following major areas: design, purchasing, contracting, implementation, cost control, schedule control, and follow up.

1. Facility Support and Project Management for Equipment and Automation

  1. Serve as the facility resource for equipment and automation related issues.
  2. Responsible for troubleshooting, analysis and oversight of all complex equipment and automation processes.
  3. Collaborate with Engineering and other Maintenance Associates on equipment and automation projects, and work with them to identify, define and solve equipment problems.
  4. Provide knowledge in performing preventative and predictive maintenance, testing, troubleshooting, calibration, and repair on a variety of processes and equipment.
  5. Responsible for identifying and engaging contractors and purchasing of items necessary for successful implementation of assigned projects.
  6. Direct contractors and Maintenance Associates in the implementation, improvement, and maintenance of fabrication and test control apparatus and equipment, and determine methods, procedures and conditions for testing.
  7. Interface and communicate with other Associates during implementation, development, and follow-through of projects.
  8. Provide accurate cost and technical information to aid in evaluating alternatives and making cost effective decisions.
  9. Use computer assisted engineering and design software and equipment to perform tasks.
  10. Implement and sustain procedures to ensure equipment and automation assets are properly maintained and documented 

2. Continuous Improvement Participate in cross-functional teams to identify, define and design continuous improvement opportunities.

Provide input into corporate direction regarding improvement of plant operations utilizing equipment and automation systems.

3. Training and Development Communicate/translate technical concepts to multiple levels of the organization as needed.

  1. Provide facility specific support to Operations and Maintenance Associates on equipment and automation systems to include training, mentoring, and consultation.
  2. Identify and realize opportunities to increase and strengthen internal applicable equipment and automation technical knowledge for self and other Associates.
  3. Responsible for supervising and controlling work done by contractors and equipment suppliers. 
  4. Responsible for interface and communications with other Grande Associates during implementation, development, and follow-through of projects.
  5.  Benchmark across other locations within Grande. 
  • Associate Degree required, Bachelors Degree preferred.
  • Degree in a related technical field required. An equivalent level of experience may be considered.
  • Minimum of seven (7) years related Maintenance experience and/or training/schooling required.
  • Manufacturing experience required.
  • Advanced math skills Advanced problem solving skills
  • Advanced computer skills in Microsoft Office and EAM Advanced mechanical knowledge (machine guarding, drive belt installation & alignment, seal replacements, etc.) Advanced pneumatic & hydraulic knowledge (replace and repair; check valves; filter assembly, etc.)
  • Project management skills
  • Must have an understanding and a proven working knowledge of electrical, electronic, component control, pneumatic, and hydraulic concepts, installations, and troubleshooting.
  • Forklift Driver’s License Lock Out/ Tag Out




Associates Degree or better in Industrial Maintenance.


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