Project Coordinator


Job Summary: The Project Coordinator is responsible for coordinating the production of the job from the time it is sold through completion of the project.

Reports to: Ripon CSR Supervisor

Direct Reports: None

Lean Expectations (Each employment anniversary year):

Implement at least one process or safety improvement idea
Participate in at least two hours of educational experience(s) such as job shadowing, cross-training, webinar, seminar, Lean networking tour, etc.
Primary Responsibilities:        

Follow all required safety procedures such as: PPE’s, ergonomics, and chemical hazards.  Perform job in a manner that protects the health and safety of all employees and plant visitors.

General Description:
The Project Coordinator serves as coordinator of all details of a customer’s job from post-sale to shipping.  The Project Coordinator is the customer’s primary contact at Walsworth-Ripon. The Project Coordinator communicates with the customer to understand their needs and expectations; then communicates these details to production personnel through the workorder system and throughout the production process.

Specific Responsibilities: 

  • Project Coordinator is responsible to manage the details of the job including:
    Communicate with customer to collect and understand customer’s needs, expectations and physical materials to produce job.
  • Manage customer-provided files throughout production process.
  • Review and understand quotation provided to customer.
  • Enter job details in workorder; communicate details to production personnel throughout the process.
  • Requisition special materials required for the job.
  • Issue Purchase Orders for outside services.
  • Work with personnel in the List Processing Department and the Prepress Department to ensure the correct design of mail piece meets USPS requirements and make sure all pertinent data has been collected from the customer and necessary internal and USPS forms and permits are secured.
  • Work with the Prepress Department to provide opportunities for the customer to review proofs before the project goes to print.  Process alteration estimates.
  • Confirm all job details with the customer before actual production begins.
  • Coordinate customer-supplied materials that are to be integrated into the final product.
  • Collect, process, and coordinate final-product distribution (mailing and shipping) information.
  • Complete any post production paperwork or investigations including researching shipping and delivery; investigations; and customer feedback.

Other Responsibilities:

  • Always serve as the customers’ advocate in the production of their job
  • Protect the company’s interest, reputation, and assets
  • Miscellaneous duties required to complete job
  • Maintain a clean, organized, and efficient (5S) work space
  • Other duties as directed


The successful Project Coordinator will:

  • Have demonstrated customer service experience or aptitude
  • Have excellent organizational and interpersonal skills
  • Be a clear and effective written and verbal communicator
  • Be detail-oriented, self-motivated and inquisitive
  • Be able to work under pressure and tight time frames
  • Have the ability to deal calmly and fairly in trying situations and with difficult personalities

Physical Demands/Work Environment

  • Computer usage constantly
  • Phone usage constantly
  • Occasionally 0-2.5 hours, Frequently 2.5-5 hours, Constantly over 5 hours


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