Quality Master (Final Inspector)

Legal Entity: Fives Gidding & Lewis, LLC
Country: United States
State: Wisconsin
City: Fond du Lac
Job Family: Quality and HSE
Job Type: Permanent position
Work Location: On-site
Position Title: Quality Master
Reports To: Quality
FLSA: Non-Exempt


The Quality Master serves as the eyes of the customer during machine build and testing-helping ensure the customer that their purchase meets or exceeds their expectations.
Scope and Responsibilities:

Essential duties include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Plan and perform a variety of inspection duties including the operation, and check out of all static and dynamic phases of Giddings & Lewis machine tools and accessories. Making visual, gage, and instrument inspections to determine the machine qualifications, as per machine tool standards and customer’s specifications.
  • Train Master Assemblers in the proper methods and sequences of measuring geometric relationships on machine tools. Provide guidance on how to correct alignment errors. Perform assembly work during periods of low inspection workload as directed.
  • Assist assembly and machine shop as needed for in-process inspection checks. Collection and calibration of metrology gages as necessary or instructed.
  • Occasionally travel as required to customer’s site to perform laser calibration, machine alignment, or assist in troubleshooting a machine performance issue.
  • Check headstock and other sub and unit assemblies for completed documentation; issue a unit assembly release tag, and file documentation in the proper place. Occasionally trace defective parts back to machine operation, assembly or outside suppliers. Suggest and make recommendations for correction of difficulties. Initiate proper paperwork to rework or scrap defective parts.
  • Follow inspection and machine checkout procedures as outlined, or adapt and develop inspection methods and equipment, making own gaging and instrumentation setups when necessary. Perform a wide range of inspection checks such as: leveling and adjusting; checking geometries for flatness, straightness, parallelism, etc.; perform positioning and speed checks as necessary, test shifting, temperature, and noise level checks and a variety of other tests to determine the qualifications of the machine as per machine tool standards or customer’s specifications. Use a variety of laser test equipment, gages, and recording equipment as required.
  • Note any unusual conditions, faulty assembly, handling, machining, or painting, and report to supervisor. Where repairs or adjustments are indicated, notify proper supervision to have work done, assisting assembly as required, and rechecks upon completion. Operate various types of controls on machines being inspected.
  • Be the customer’s final acceptance representative while the machine is on the final assembly floor. Assist sales department with customer visits and demonstrations.
  • Maintain accurate records of all inspections.
    Proceed with a minimum of supervision. Share the workload and overtime necessary to maintain shipment schedules. Maintain work area in a clean and orderly manner. Perform other related work as assigned or directed.
    ISO 9001 &14001 awareness and compliance

Education and/or Experience:

Associate’s Degree or equivalent from two-year college or technical school; or 4 – 6 years related experience and/or training.

Skills Required:

  • Understand the use and operation of metrology tools such as mics, indicators, squares, positioning and geometric laser systems, ballbars, vibration analyzers, tachometers and tool retention force gages.
  • Ability to operate and perform simple programming on both Siemens and Fanuc controls (G&L 8000 and Heidenhain are optional)
  • Mechanical aptitude and/or related mechanical background to understand machine alignment and adjustment
  • Ability to work and communicate with people at all levels both internally and at customer sites


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