School Nurse/Health Services Specialist

Position Details

Position Start Date – 8/14/2023
Terms/Schedule – 1.0
Appointment Type – Full Time

The Ripon Area School District has a full time (181 days) opening for a School Nurse/Health Services Specialist. This position provides School Nursing services for students in grades 6-12, to include effective school-based management of illnesses, injuries, and students with specific health needs including emergency first-aid treatment and routine care.

Years of Experience: 0
Degree: Accredited Practical Nursing Certificate Program
Licenses: Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

Essential Job Functions:
Fulfill obligations of the full-time assignment, which includes 181 Days: 178 Student Days, plus 2 days before school and 1 day after
Provide School Nursing services for students in grades 6-12, to include effective school-based management of illnesses, injuries, and students with specific health needs including emergency first-aid treatment and routine care (ex: individuals with diabetes, asthma, seizure disorders, unique nutritional needs, etc.)
Fulfill the obligations of the Health Services Specialist for all District students, to include clerical support responsibilities (ex: coordination of health programs, plan and conduct District-wide staff health trainings, oversee supplies inventory and updates, manage student data and assist in the preparation of reports, maintain confidential written and electronic records, etc.)
Act as liaison between the home, the school, health care providers, and appropriate community agencies

Other Job Functions:
Obtain health history data as needed and maintain confidential written and electronic records; maintain basic student health records, including immunizations; process medical documents/ forms in Infinite Campus (IC) for the online registration and enrollment processes
Assist in the coordination of school-based health services (ex: dental care programs, vaccine clinics, hearing & vision screening, etc.)
Plan and conduct cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), first-aid, and basic medication training for District staff
Ensure all health office visits are documented in IC and all medication appointments are kept
Check medications and communicate with parents via phone, text, and/ or email to have more medication dropped off, as needed; Monitor student medication expiration dates
Keep Ripon Middle School (RMS) and Ripon High School (RHS) health offices stocked and clean
Conduct monthly checks of AED machines and fill out the AED Checklist (ensure the door alarm works, epi, narcan, and AED pads are not expired)
Determine and document the health status of students; work with District nurses to create, maintain, update, and disseminate lists of students with specific health needs
Assist in the creation of Individualized Health Plans (IHPs) and Student Health Plans (SHPs), and upload/ update electronic files in IC, as needed
Control communicable disease spread and acute illness impacts on the school community, according to generally acceptable standards
Maintain Red Cross Instructor certification in CPR and First Aid
Monitor and evaluate the provision of health-related services, facilities, and supplies
Aid in the preparation of district data and reports (ex: immunization status, end-of-year report, etc.)
Recognize and foster an atmosphere of teamwork in working with staff for the improvement of student understanding and practice of good health-related facts and practices
Demonstrate understanding and acceptance of differences among individuals and groups (i.e. sexual, cultural, socio-economic, disability, etc.)
Report significant school-related information to appropriate personnel
Encourage community involvement with the school
Work alongside and communicate effectively with parents in the best interests of the students
Support and participate in school-sponsored parent-teacher activities as needed
Use professional discretion and maintain confidentiality in handling sensitive situations
Conduct student interviews and appropriate follow-up in cases of self-harm and suspected abuse/ neglect, complying with state laws for reporting such incidences
Exhibit a working knowledge of state and federal legislation affecting service offerings
Serve as positive role model for students in how to conduct themselves as citizens and as responsible, intelligent individuals
Participate in professional growth activities
Support District building regulations and comply with policies and procedures
Follows established channels for resolving concerns/ problems
Remain free of any alcohol or illegal substance in the workplace in compliance with Policy 3122 throughout his/ her employment in the District
Perform other duties assigned by the Director of Pupil Services

Candidate Requirements

Years of Experience – 0
Degree – Other


  • School Nurse

Additional Requirements

  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Transcripts & Licenses/Certifications


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