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Imagine: its vacation time. The most exciting thing about going on vacation is finally arriving at the hotel! Have you ever wonder what our hotels in Fond du Lac have to offer? Well, I was able to get a look at our local Holiday Inns. I had the chance to take a look at the newly renovated Holiday Inn! Before this tour I had no idea the wonderful hospitality we provide in Fond du Lac.

Wisconsin’s #1 Used Vehicle Dealer!

We got to look at many aspects and functions of Holiday Auto: Car washing, picture taking, mechanical work, sales, and online assistance. We were able to look at all of Holiday Auto’s buildings which all included a little treat!

That’s right they’re delicious cookies and popcorn! Mmm cookies…Focus. FOCUS. Okay! Let’s not get carried away with that!

Attitude is Key

As we continued on with our tour and away from the cookies, I was able to get a little insight on the way the company functions and their common goal. As I talked to the staff at Holiday Auto I learned a lot about the way many companies like Holiday Auto are looking at potential employees. The most important characteristic is attitude. A positive and willing to work attitude is the most important for Holiday Auto as well as many other companies! Without a good attitude a person may not be able to carry out tasks to the potential that they should. As we continued to talk I was told that anyone could be trained as long as they had the right attitude to learn. As I look further at this advice I find it as though it could be useful not only when looking for a job but also for school or any other aspect of life. If one wants to improve them-self or to keep moving forward and onto better things one must have to have the attitude to do so. Without this drive a person cannot achieve any end goal to its full potential. This is advice that many students and young adult should consider as they continue onto the future.

For more information on Holiday Automotive, visit www.holidayautomotive.com.

  • Jennifer Rivera
    Youth Apprentice at FDL Association of Commerce

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