Team Leader – Heat Treat

The Team Leader is responsible for the development, organization, and success of the
Manufacturing team in one or more departments and may be responsible for an entire shift.
The Team Leader is to ensure that plans and programs of Kondex production and quality
systems are carried out in a safe manner, in accordance with company policies and procedures.
The Team Leader will help to satisfy Kondex’s customers with exceptional service by attracting,
developing, and retaining associates who can most competitively meet our customer’s needs
while maintaining and enhancing our company culture.

  1. Plan, organize and direct all team activities within his/her department(s).
  2. Ensure the safety of associates by establishing and maintaining procedures that define
    safe working practices and enforcing safety policies and procedures throughout the
  3. Regularly meet with department associates to communicate company directives, goals
    and objectives, and to discuss department and inter-department issues.
  4. Establish appropriate expectations for team members, measure and maintain team’s
    production and quality goals, objectives, and standards.
  5. Ensure that all necessary training and documentation is in place for team members to
    perform their duties safely and successfully.
  6. Assist in developing or improving processes including active involvement in our
    continuous improvement program.
  7. Assist in recruiting new associates by participating in plant tours and interviews.
  8. Train new associates in production heat treat processes and methods and maintain skill
    levels of associates through additional training.
  9. Complete performance evaluations of team members and create relevant development
  10. Coach team members on Kondex’s Values and Beliefs and document coaching actions.
  11. Maintain operating budget for department and ensure that production supplies and
    equipment are procured in an efficient and cost-effective manner.
  12. Maintain facility and machines in accordance with Kondex’ safety & housekeeping
    programs, including 5S and Preventive Maintenance.
  13. Monitor and report equipment, machine and tooling wear trends and assist with problem
    solving of maintenance issues.
  14. Encourage cooperation and teamwork among fellow teammates and support other team
  15. Maintain open communications to resolve conflicts quickly and fairly.
  16. Develop & execute efficient furnace load schedules to support overall production plan.
  17. Develop and maintain heat treat department layout for safe, efficient process flow.
  18. Develop and execute safety protocols, policies & procedures for heat treat operation.

    1. Motivating and directing the work of plant associates
    2. Planning staffing needs to match immediate and future requirements
    3. Keeping up with changes in product lines and processes
    4. Managing department expenses to budget
    5. Managing multiple projects, of varying complexity, at the same time
    6. Identifying and developing improvement opportunities
    7. Leading production start-up & ongoing operations of new heat treat department.

      • Directly or indirectly supervises all plant associates within his/ her assigned
      department(s). May directly supervise shift leaders.

      • Primary internal relationships include all plant associates, other Team Leaders, VP of
      Manufacturing, Manufacturing Engineering team, Demand Planners, Product
      Engineering team, Purchasing, and Human Resources.
      • Primary external relationships include customers and suppliers.

      Minimum Technical Qualifications:
      1. High School diploma or equivalent.
      2. Three or more years of experience directly supervising, training, and coaching
        employees in a manufacturing heat treat environment.
      3. Prior experience using Microsoft Word, Excel, and email.
      4. Experience reading manufacturing documents such as blueprints, routings, and
        customer orders.
      5. Quality and safety system experience in a heat treat operation. Demonstrated ability to
        measure hardness on a Brinell, Rockwell, and/or a micro-hardness tester.

        Preferred Technical Qualifications:
        1. Associate or bachelor’s degree or other advanced related certification. Additional
          metallurgical/heat treat experience may substitute for education.
        2. Shop experience in heat treating, stamping, machining, assembly, or other
          manufacturing processes.
        3. Gauging and measurement system experience.
        4. Prior experience with MRP or other automated scheduling systems.
        5. Knowledge of Lean Manufacturing tenets, such as 5S, flow lines and work cells.
        6. Interviewing experience.

          Required Behavioral Competencies:

          1. Team Management – creates and maintains functional work units. Understands the
            human dynamics of team formation and maintenance. Formulates team roles and
            actively recruits and selects to build effective workgroups. Develops and communicates
            clear team goals and roles and provides the level of guidance and management
            appropriate to the circumstances. Rewards team behavior and fosters a team
            atmosphere in the workplace.
          2. Active Communications – recognizes the essential value of continuous information
            exchange and the competitive advantage it brings. Actively seeks information from a
            variety of sources and disseminates it in a variety of ways. Uses modern technologies to
            access and circulate information, even across great distances. Takes responsibility for
            ensuring that their people have the current and accurate information needed for
          3. Organizing & Planning – has strong organizing and planning skills that allows them to
            be highly productive and efficient. Manages time wisely and effectively prioritizes
            multiple, competing tasks. Plans, organizes, and actively manages meetings for
            maximum productivity.
          4. Delegation – willingly assigns work to others. Provides clear guidelines, monitors,
            redirects, and sets limits as needed. Provides challenging assignments whenever
            possible, sharing the authority and providing resources and support that empower
            subordinates to meet their expectations.
          5. Coaching & Counseling – effectively instructs associates at all performance levels and
            enjoys helping team members grow, sharing authority and providing resources and
            support that empower. Offers clear, direct, and timely feedback.
          6. Adaptability – adapts quickly and positively to change. Flexible. Open to and actively
            solicits new ideas and opinions.
          7. Conflict Management – recognizes that conflict can be a valuable part of the decisionmaking process. Comfortable with healthy conflict and supports and manages
            differences of opinion. Thwarts destructive competition or friction and uses consensus
            and collaboration to debate and resolve issues.
          8. Listening Skills – offers full attention when others speak. Listens actively, giving verbal
            and nonverbal cues of their interest. Paraphrases what was said to ensure
          9. Problem Solving & Decision Making – identifies and solves problems, develops
            innovative solutions, acts decisively, and shows good judgment. Isolates causes from
            symptoms, and compiles information and alternatives to illuminate problems or issues.
            Involves others as appropriate and gathers information from a variety of sources. Finds
            a balance between studying the problem and solving it. Readily commits to action and
            makes decisions that reflect sound judgment.
          10. Results Orientation – maintains appropriate focus on outcomes and accomplishments.
            Motivated by achievement, and persists until goals are reached, conveying a sense of
            urgency to make things happen. Respects the need to balance short- and long-term

            CULTURE: Follows Kondex Values & Beliefs

            TRAVEL: Minimal


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