Tobacco Compliance Student

Salary – $12.00 Hourly
Location – 160 S Macy Street Fond du Lac, WI
Job Type – Temporary
Department – Health Department
Job Number – 0125TOBCOMPSTUD2023
Closing – 3/31/2023 4:30 PM Central


Tobacco Compliance Checks are a Federal Mandate:
Synar Regulation requires states to enact and enforce laws prohibiting any manufacturer, retailer, or distributor from selling or distributing tobacco products to individuals under 18. States must implement annual, random, unannounced compliance inspections to determine their rates of tobacco products sold to youth under the age of 18. If a state’s illegal sales rate exceeds 20%, it stands to lose 40% of its Federal Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant Funds- approximately $10 million for Wisconsin.   Examples of Duties


  • Receive training on protocol for tobacco retailer compliance checks.
  • New employee will shadow current experienced employee until he/she feels comfortable in making a purchase attempt.  
  • Comply with the rules and regulations for acting responsibly and in a professional manner.
  • Dress comfortably and appropriate for weather.


  • Tobacco compliance check employees will not disclose the names of businesses that sold or the names of employees who sold.
  • Tobacco Compliance check employees will not provide the names of other tobacco compliance employees to the general public.

Tobacco Compliance Check Employees Roles: 
There will always be two compliance students involved in a compliance check. The two minors will enter the store together. The students will either “attempt to purchase” or “observe the attempted purchase”. The students will change roles while completing tobacco retailer compliance checks.

Role of the Purchaser:

  • Once inside, quickly locate the tobacco products.
  • If the tobacco product is available in both open, unlocked displays and behind the counter, pick up a tobacco product from the open, unlocked display. Otherwise, ask for a tobacco product from behind the counter.
  • Once the clerk has rung up the sale, pay for the product and leave the store immediately.
  • Any purchased tobacco product should be given to the adult supervisor.

Role of the Observer: 

  • Keep purchaser in view at all times.
  • If the purchaser appears to be having a problem that in any way seems unsafe, notify the adult for immediate intervention.
  • Make a mental note of whether or not the outlet has a ‘No Sales to Minor’ sign as well as the type and location of the sign.
  • Make a mental note of the gender, approximate age, name, and physical appearance of the employee.
  • Leave the store with the purchaser.
  • Once in the car, relay your observations to the adult so that they may be recorded on the inspection form.

In the Event of a sale:

  • After the sale has been documented, the adult supervisor and the minor who was sold the tobacco will return to the business.
  • The adult supervisor will ask to speak with the manager of the business to inform the manager of the sale of tobacco to a minor.
  • The adult Supervisor will ask the student employee to point to the employee who sold the tobacco to the minor.
  • The adult supervisor will explain to the employee and manger if the manager is present, the purpose of tobacco retailer compliance checks and discuss the yellow highlighted area on the minor’s Wisconsin Driver License that shows when the minor will turn 18.
  •  The minor will exit the building and return to the county vehicle while the supervisor completes the tobacco retailer education.

Typical Qualifications

Tobacco Compliance Student Employee Requirements:
 Youth participants must be 16 or 17 years of age. They must dress normally and act naturally at all times. The intent is to portray a normal event, not to fool the retailer. The appearance of the minor may not be altered.  The position involves 4-8 hours a month depending on the number of scheduled tobacco compliance checks.


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