Wastewater Treatment & Resource Recovery Facility Operations Intern

The City of Fond du Lac is accepting applications for the position of Wastewater Operations Intern at the Wastewater Treatment & Resource Recovery Facility (WTRRF).  Various duties and responsibilities will include the following:

The Intern will assist the Main Plant Operator with equipment rotations and determining calculations for high strength waste, sludge transfer, and monitoring chemical inventory.


Because this is a hands-on opportunity, there will be times when the intern will be expected to contribute to normal daily maintenance and get dirty cleaning the influent wetwell, fine screens, grit washer, and/or screening conveyors and raking the roll-off.

·    Scum Pit Cleaning – learn the method of scum pit cleaning under the direction of the operator

·    Pump Activation – learn the primary/blend pumping procedures

·         Mixed Liquor Solids – learn how to use a settleometer and calculate the SVI. They will also learn the operation of a microscope for performing microbial analysis on a
daily basis to determine the diverse health and activity of our mixed liquor

·         RAS/WAS Pump Operation -The Intern will be shown the method of RAS and WAS Pump Operation. Under the direction of the Operator, they will make
adjustments to the RAS and WAS rates.


·         pH Analysis – learn the methods of pH analysis and calibration using the laboratory pH meter. The Intern will then be responsible for performing and recording pH
during their rounds with an operator including digester, mixed liquor and effluent.

·         Sludge Depth Measurement -The intern will be shown the method of sludge depth measurements and will be responsible for performing the measurements under
the direction of a treatment plant operator both in the primary and secondary clarifiers. They will also learn how to make operational decisions based off these

·         Centrifuge Operations – Under the direction of an Operator, learn all aspects of centrifuge operation and perform sampling and testing for total solids using a
moisture analyzer. Additionally, the Intern will be involved in polymer preparation and conveying the biosolids into roll-offs for disposal.

Biogas Engine

·         Analyses learned will include at minimum total suspended solids, ammonia, total phosphorus, biochemical oxygen demand and chemical oxygen demand.

Requirements include high school graduation and ideally current enrollment in a two or four-year college program focused on wastewater or related science. Scheduled hours are from approximately May – August from 7:00 am – 3:30 pm.

The pay rate is $13.83/hour.  Applications reviewed upon receipt.

Please complete the application materials and return to Jackie Braatz by deadline to be considered.
A physical exam and drug-screening test provided by the City is required prior to employment.

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