Batch Mixer

  • LocationPO Box 197, 401 N Main St Rosendale, WI, 54974, United States
  • Job CategoryLabor
  • Employee TypeRegular Full Time

Contact information

  • NameStarla Hiemstra
  • Phone920-282-3662



The Batcher is responsible for blending product in a highly skilled manner following exact customer and plant standards, instructions, methods and practices. The batcher is also responsible to deliver the product to the fillers. To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The skill requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, Interpersonal skills and Problem Solving/Judgment required.


  • To ensure the product sent to the filler has been made according to an approved recipe using the proper Good Manufacturing Practices and lot control / material usage methods for making a quality product
  • Coordinates staging of ingredients and usage of equipment to insure the product line is properly supplied with product to avoid stopping the line under any circumstances
  • Must have significant expertise with all operational functions and limitation of both the batching room equipment and thermal units
  • Must have a complete understanding of the quality requirements of the products and materials used during the scheduled run
  • Must be able to make adjustments to equipment as needed according to their formula standards
  • Maintain the batching room thermal unit and staging are area washed down and free of product on floors or any other debris
  • Drums and containers will be rinsed thoroughly by the batcher and then stored in the designated areas
  • Report any obvious repeated deviations from the standard acceptable limits immediately to the line lead hand or the line supervisor
  • Must ensure that the production schedule matches the product being run and maintain records showing the product being run, the lot number, line speeds and/or any other information required by the customer and quality assurance
  • Maintain a visual inspection as specified by the product standard
  • Log any downtime experienced during the production run and submit this log to the line lead hand or shift supervisor at the end of each shift
  • Follow all company policies including but not limited to general manufacturing and safety practices
  • Responsible for Food Safety and Quality
  • Associate in this job has the responsibility to report, in a timely manner, Food Safety and Quality problems to personnel with authority to initiate action on those problems
  • Perform any other duties as instructed by management


Minimum Qualifications/ Skills

  • Ability to work overtime as needed -Essential
  • Ability to work for the set wage amount -Essential
  • Ability to follow work procedures and safety rules -Essential
  • Ability to read, understand, and follow directions/instructions/and understand posted warning signs -Essential
  • Have appropriate eye, hand and foot coordination to properly use various equipment and/or tools -Essential
  • Ability to load/unload, lift/move equipment/product which may weigh up to 50 pounds -Essential
  • Associate must complete OSHA Powered Industrial equipment training and pass associated tests -Essential

Minimum Experience

  • Must have a complete understanding of the clean in place process and requirements for a successful release after clean in place process -Essential
  • Communicate mechanical or material issues during shift to Shift Supervisor so information can be provided to next shift -Essential
  • Rejected materials will be documented and disposed of in the proper manner -Essential
  • Maintain the area in a clean/organized manner and move rejected cases/materials to the appropriate destination -Essential
  • When major mechanical issues arise, the batcher will immediately inform line lead hand / shift maintenance personnel and remain available to assist when needed or as directed by the line lead or supervisor -Essential
  • Perform adjustments/trouble shooting as well as assist maintenance with setups as needed if specified by site -Desirable
  • Perform clean in place duties on line as defined by quality assurance and assigned by the line lead hand or shift supervisor -Essential


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