Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

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“Fond du Lac” is French for the “bottom” or the “farthest point” of the lake, so named because of its location at the bottom (south end) of Lake Winnebago.

James Doty, a federal judge for the western part of the Michigan Territory, thought the land at the foot of Lake Winnebago might be a good location for a city, so he and his partners bought land in the area. In 1836, it was proposed that Fond du Lac be the capital of Wisconsin (as we know, this did not happen). Doty is rumored to have build the first house in Fond du Lac and it still stands today.

Fond du Lac is at 43°46′N 88°27′W (43.775, -88.445).

According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 20.11 square miles (52.08 km2), of which, 18.82 square miles (48.74 km2) is land and 1.29 square miles (3.34 km2) is water.

Fond du Lac lies on the southern shore of Lake Winnebago. The east and west branches of the Fond du Lac River connect in the city and the river then flows into Lake Winnebago near Lakeside Park.

Something you might not know…Fond du Lac has 20 listings on the National Register of Historic Places.

More stuff of interest…Fond du Lac ranks in the top 20 for most secure places to live (SOURCE:

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