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An individual trained to perform personal cares for the resident under the supervision of a licensed nurse.

Directly responsible to the RN/LPN team leader and nursing supervisory staff.


1. Complete LHHS training program and either have or obtain registry status.

2. Attend training sessions, staff meetings and in-services. 

3. Successfully complete required educational units annually and obtain a minimum of 12 hrs. of continuing education per year.

4. Read and adhere to LHHS resident rights agreement and report any violations of same immediately.

5. Treat residents, families and other staff with dignity and respect.

6. Use proper body mechanics in the performance of all tasks.

7. Follow all dept. safety rules.

8. Only perform tasks in which they have been trained.

9. Will not operate equipment without proper instruction.

10. Use personal protective equipment when dealing with blood and body fluids.

11. Practice universal precautions.

12. Maintain a calm composed attitude when dealing with difficult residents, families or staff.

13. Perform personal cares and mobility of residents as assigned and as directed in resident care plan.

14. Maintain confidentiality.

15. Maintain good attendance and take breaks only as assigned.

16. Work cooperatively with all disciplines.

17. Cooperate with scheduling clerk to accomplish adequate coverage for resident cares.

18. Document appropriately in the medical record and Care Tracker.

19. Report to team leader prior to the end of shift.

20. Other tasks as assigned.

21. Abide by all LHHS policies and procedures as outlined in the employee handbook.

22. Promote resident centered care.

23. Maintains and actively promotes effective communication with patients and family members / personal representatives.

24. Responsible for maintaining a positive image of LHHS in the community keeping in alignment with our mission, vision, and values.

25. Responsible for on-call services as assigned.

26. Performs other similar duties, as needed.



1. Ability to understand and retain instructions.

2. Ability to organize tasks.

3. Ability to hear communication and communicate verbally, visually and in writing with staff and residents.

4. Able to read at a 4th grade level.

5. Reliable and able to maintain good attendance record.

6. Good personal hygiene.

7. Math ability to compute intake and output and convert ounces to cc’s.

8. Ability to stand or walk the majority of the shift.

9. Ability to push or pull, bend or twist, sit, kneel or crouch and reach high or low levels.

10. Capable of walking quickly, balancing unusual loads and lifting at least 50#.


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