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GREEN, RED, YELLOW– Stop light or food?

As the New Year is here, New Year resolutions are made. Some can be changing in many aspects of life. This including eating a little healthier. Agnesian Hospital has taken a different look on this New Year’s resolution and applied it to their cafeteria menu. Agnesian has set out a system that allows for everyone to make a healthier choice when eating in their cafeteria. They have a set a green, yellow, and red system that divides each food within these 3 categories to represent levels of healthiness.

Although, have you ever thought about who’s behind the operation?-(food operation, not surgical!) 

As a high school student know a days we are being able to get the opportunity to shadow or become an apprentice since junior year of high school.  And the best thing of all is that students can work in these positions with the benefit of receiving school credit as well as earn their own money!

Money for learning! Who wouldn’t want that?!

As I continued my tour, I began to learn so much more than the little information we are sometimes told as students. There are multiple paths available, and you don’t necessarily have to go to college right away. As I spoke with Mike Frydryk, I was able to learn other paths that a student can take. One is going into the field of working right away but doing so in a smart way. There is so much information out there on ways to create a career for yourself, starting with working after high school. For example,

At Agnesian HealthCare, I was able to tour all the great positions that a student may be in if they were involved in the SPARK program.  A student is able to work from the nutritional aspect of healthcare to nursing. An example of being trained in healthcare could be working with nutritionist to understand the many effects the hospital’s food can make in patients or helping out in CNA positions. Throughout the program students continue to be crossed-trained in many other areas. If a student goes in knowing what career path they want to pursue, the hospital may accommodate and train the student in specialized departments.

When I first took a look at the apprenticeship opportunities in Agnesian I could only imagine job opportunities in the medical field, although this is not always the case. I learned that an apprentice could work in many areas within the hospital like finance or business as well. The SPARK Program is a wonderful program for those students looking for a real life experience on the career field they are interested in.  Here you can get the experience to determine if it is a job you would like to obtain in the future. I mean let alone working at a hospital and getting real life experience is so exciting! This is such a great opportunity so take advantage of it!  Currently Agnesian HealthCare has posted about 189 job openings on in various locations.  

For more information on job openings go on!

  • Jennifer Rivera
    Youth Apprentice at FDL Association of Commerce
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