In this months’ episode of Where is Envision Working, we bring you here!

Location: Camelot Children’s Center
Job: child care provider

This month, we had the opportunity to work at Camelot Children’s Center.

When we first arrived, we were kindly greeted by the team at the center. We then received a short tour of the facility. We immediately noted the cleanliness and the friendly nature of the staff. From there, we moved into our respective rooms.

I went to the 3–5-year-old room and Jillian went to the 1-1.5-year-old room.

In my room, the children were well behaved and eagerly looked to the teachers for guidance on what they were doing. The children were quick to greet me as well. They were talking about the date and weather upon my arrival. We then moved outside to get some physical activity. From there, it was snack time! I had the chance to sit at the table of the young lady you was the leader of the day. She invited 3 other children to the table. We had great conversation about parents, pets, favorite foods, dancing…the list goes on.

Jillian was in the room with ones a bit younger. The care takers in this room were wonderful! They have built a rapport with the children and there are high levels of trust. These littles played together and simply enjoyed their surroundings. They also took quickly to Jillian, where she was able to interact and play with them.

All in all, this was a great experience and is absolutely a fantastic career option for a person who enjoys spending time with children. One teacher said, “Knowing I’m making a difference in the lives of children is so fulfilling. The care children receive at a place like Camelot really helps shape them and create good humans.”

The good news for you? The Camelot Children’s Center is hiring! Information is available on their website, including benefits (which includes a $500 sign on bonus!). There are some educational requirements; however, Camelot assists in providing those.

In the end, we had a really fun time working with the teachers, children, and administration at Camelot Children’s Center. The environment itself was welcoming and those little kiddos sure make it fun (even though at one point I was told I was dancing wrong to a bear song…who knew?)

Tracy is the Senior Director of Marketing and Communication at Envision Greater Fond du Lac.
Jillian is the Membership Coordinator at Envision Greater Fond du Lac.

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