Job type : Permanent position
Job details :
A Machinist Master performs a wide range of duties including intermediate to complex set ups, adjustment and operation of CNC and/or manual Machine Tools
Scope and Responsibilities:
Proactively attains a safe and healthy work environment for all employees.
Set up, adjust, and operate CNC machining centers to perform a complex series of machining operations on a diversified line of work.  Work to very close and exacting tolerances and finish specifications.  Work requires a high degree of skill, a broad knowledge of machining techniques and N/C machining practices.
Setups involve familiarity with and understanding or program formats involving combinations of operations such as profile and contour milling, boring, recessing, turning, drilling, threading, etc., to the capacity of the machine and control factor.
Work from program operational data and setup instructions defining and coding tools, fixtures and material clamping methods, machine calibrations and console settings.  Select tooling.  Locate, mount, align and secure.  Support and clamp workpiece; set stops and calibrate fixture or workpiece to material reference points.  As indicated, perform minor disassemblies to perform interior operations.  Assemble.  Position and remove work by means of bridge crane or electric hoists.
Install programs when available in console reader and correlate machine position with control; manually cycle machine through operation sequence to check work alignment, tooling sequences, clearances, speeds, feeds, etc., and adjust machine to correct.  Recognize and report errors in programming and operations, and work with systems and programming personnel correct such errors; recommend tooling applications and operational sequences to assist in formulating practical programming for new and unusual machining operations.
Ability to read blueprints (Metric & English)
Ability to setup tooling
Ability to learn how to read, write & edit part programs (G & M-codes)
Ability to edit work & tooling offsets
Ability to work with close tolerances (.0002”)
Ability to use inspection equipment (i.e. tape measure, rule, gauge blocks, OD & ID micrometers, depth micrometers, calipers, dial indicators, bore gauges)
Ability to use material moving equipment (i.e. fork lift, motorized-hand cart)
Ability to follow work instructions
Ability to work with minimum direction & supervision
Ability to problem solve
Ability to work on continuous improvement as needed
Ability to setup own part fixturing
Ability to learn how to perform advanced shop math skills (i.e. algebra, trigonometry)
Knowledge of cutting feeds & speeds
Knowledge of probing
Knowledge of Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD&T)
Knowledge of cutting inserts

Associate’s Degree or equivalent from two-year college or technical school; or 4 – 6 years related experience and/or training.