Paid on-call Firefighter

Position Title: Firefighter

Job Summary:

A. The position requires responding to fires and other types of emergency incidents. The firefighter must be able to perform the functions required at emergency incidents, including combating and extinguishing fires.

B. The position involves extensive training in the operation of apparatus, tools and equipment, and performance of hazardous tasks under emergency conditions, which may require strenuous exertion under such conditions as heat, smoke and cramped surroundings and occurring in a variety of Wisconsin weather conditions.

C. Each firefighter hired shall be placed on probation for a minimum of one (1) year and shall remain on probation until completion of Entry-Level Firefighter training. This must be done within a two-year period. If the firefighter has already obtained entry level firefighter or higher, at time of hiring, he/she shall serve a minimum of one- year probationary period commencing on the date of hire.

Essential Job Functions:

A. Capable of responding to fire calls and emergency incidents in accordance with the standards and policies of the Department.

B. Performance of routine tasks requires a capacity to intermittently sit, stand, walk, bend and lift moderately heavy objects (25-50 pounds).

C. Performance of tasks associated with responding to fire alarms and other calls for assistance requires a capacity to lift, move and carry heavy objects (50-100 pounds) while unassisted, and larger objects such a person and other objects weighing more than 100 pounds with assistance and larger objects in exigent circumstances while alone and while doing it in various positions.

D. Demonstrate the ability to raising and climbing ladders, including the aerial ladder, up to 100 feet high.

E. Demonstrate the ability to use hose lines, fire fighting tools, and other equipment requiring a moderate to high degree of physical strength, or manual dexterity, and while under emergency conditions.

F. Capable of completing training to a minimum level of Firefighter I. within a reasonable time.

G. Attend meetings, training, public education, service events, schools and training courses, in accordance with the standards of the Department.

H. Communicate with both verbal and written communications styles that can be understood by others and write detailed and complete reports reflecting tasks completed during emergency responses of fire scene observations.

I. Follow the proper chain of command of the Fire Department and City.

J. Capable of dealing with high stress situations.

K. Assist in other activities pertaining to fire station duties, clean up and maintenance, as ordered by the Fire Chief or Officers.

L. Work cooperatively with the residents, business operators, and employees from other department and agencies.

M. Maintain prompt, predictable and regular attendance.

N. Appear and credibly testify as a witness in court.

Working Conditions Under Which Tasks Are Performed:

A. Requires the use of Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA).

B. Requires the use of protective devices such as, but not limited to: SCBA face mask, fire resistant clothing, helmet, goggles, boots, and gloves.

C. Requires entering and maneuvering in confined space areas with appropriate personal protective equipment.

D. Perform tasks which may expose the firefighter to machinery and its moving parts, toxic gases, chemicals, smoke, heat and hazardous materials.

E. Work is often performed outdoors in extreme cold or inclement weather and under conditions that may contribute to emotional as well as physical stress.

Other Job Functions:

A. Able to use and apply extrication equipment, upon receiving the proper training to do so.

B. Able to drive and operate department apparatus, upon receiving the proper training to do so.

C. Able to participate in non-fire fighting activities, as required by the Department

D. Maintain all issued department equipment in good working condition.

E. Be knowledgeable in the areas of fire inspections, fire prevention, and building construction.

F. Obtain other certifications as required, or requested.

G. Actively promotes good public relations and participates in public events, talks and related activities, as directed.

H. Wear complete department uniform when instructed to do so by the Chief or other ranking officer of the Department.

I. Perform other duties and activities required by City codes and ordinances, state statutes, department special duties, as directed by the Chief or other Officer of the Department.

Minimum Requirements:

A. High School Diploma, or equivalent.

B. Must be at least 18 years of age.

C. Comply with the City of Waupun residency requirements..

D. Posses and maintain a valid Wisconsin Driver’s License.

E. Must be able to obtain/perform the above listed essential job qualifications and functions.

F. Complete medical examination and drug screenings

G. Completion of certification training to the minimum level of Firefighter 1 prior or during the probationary period and within the first two years of service.


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