Professional Tutor


Moraine Park Technical College is seeking qualified individuals to join our team as a Professional Tutor on an occasional (approximately 5-10 hours per week) and temporary basis. The duration of the position will be based on the needs of the student.

As a Professional Tutor, you will be instrumental in providing academic support to students across various associate degree programs, with a high demand of tutors to cover MPTC’s nursing, IT, and medical coding programs. To be eligible for this position, candidates must possess a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a relevant field.

This position will enhance the learning of MPTC students by informally assessing student knowledge, identifying areas needing improvement, providing supplemental instruction, clarifying assignments and course content, modeling and supporting appropriate study strategies, and guiding students toward independence and self-direction in their course work for academic year 2023-24. 


1. Facilitate small group review/supplemental instruction sessions, usually held immediately preceding and/or immediately following classroom instruction in approved courses.
2. Collaborate with faculty in developing review activities that will enhance student understanding of course material.
3. Help students to break down and simplify complex information taught in class.
4. Integrate effective study and learning strategies to promote independent learning.
5. Coach students in developing a systemic approach to studying that will serve them in many courses.
6. Work with course instructors in promoting group review sessions to students in order to ensure attendance.
7. Complete tutor training requirements and apply acquired skills.
8. Establish and maintain ongoing contact with assigned students to arrange additional one-on-one sessions as needed.
9. Maintain current and accurate records of tutoring activities and submit required communication and documentation to Tutoring Services Specialist in a timely manner.
10. Maintain records of student performance.
11. Function as a resource for MPTC peer tutors.
12. Maintain student confidentiality according to FERPA guidelines.
13. Perform other related duties as assigned.


1. Bachelor’s degree required in related subject area.
2. Master’s degree preferred in related subject area.
3. Experience as a classroom instructor, adjunct faculty, or equivalent work experience in subject area.
4. Possess small and large group facilitation skills
5. Ability to work with students from diverse backgrounds as well as under-prepared and special needs students.
6. Ability to provide assistance with study skills, test-taking strategies, note-taking skills, and time-management.
7. Organizational skills and the ability to work with minimal supervision.
8. Ability to quickly establish and maintain effective working relationships with students, faculty, and staff.
9. Understand student strategies to support auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning styles.
10. Ability to communicate effectively through written and verbal communication.
11. Ability to maintain records of student participation and outcomes for client reporting in WTCS grants.
12. Ability to maintain confidentiality.


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