Social Worker- Juvenile Court

Salary – $23.13 – $37.19 Hourly
Location – 160 S Macy Street Fond du Lac, WI
Job Type – Full Time
Department – Human Services


Under the direction of the social work supervisor, this position is responsible for providing a variety of social services to individuals/families. Services to include, but not limited to:  needs assessment, crisis intervention, case planning, advocacy, and the development of community resources.  

Examples of Duties

The following duties are typical for this position.  These are not to be construed as exclusive or all inclusive.  Other duties may also be required and assigned as best practice or as requirements change within the social work practice field. 

  1. To provide planned and to provide unplanned services through the establishment of a   professional working relationship with the consumer, geared towards strengthening the consumer’s ability to independently cope with life situations.    
  2. To complete administrative duties in a timely manner  
  3. Determines, through interviews, assessments, home visits, investigations, etc., the range of services needed by individuals, families, explaining the services and discussing the consumer’s rights and responsibilities.  
  4. To establish and maintain a working knowledge of the responsibilities of various community, county, state and independent resources available to agency consumers and   the ability to utilize these resources as appropriate.   
  5. To refer consumers to other agencies or services and cooperates with such agencies in serving the needs of the consumer or agency. 
  6. Provide the direct delivery of services and programs that are in compliance with all unit, agency, and county policies.  
  7. Participate in individual conferences and team meetings.   
  8. Provide plans and all services developed by staff are least restrictive and yet insure community member safety. 

The following are additional essential functions specific to social workers in a Juvenile Intake Worker role.

  1. Reviews all referrals to Juvenile Intake as received by law enforcement, DHS, parents, and schools for jurisdiction 
  2. Provides on call responsibilities for custody intake consultation and authorization 
  3. Makes proper notification and interviews alleged victims listed in referrals regarding the impact on them as well as potential restitution requests 
  4. Conducts intake inquiries with the youth, parents, and children over the age of twelve after noticing them of their rights in order to make a recommendation on the referral; all documentation is completed in eWiSACWIS following Department policies 
  5. Makes recommendations within 40 or 60 days, respectively, to the District Attorney’s Office regarding referral closure, informal processing of the referral, or requesting a petition in the Juvenile Court.  
  6. Gathers information from the youth, parents, and any collaterals to complete the Youth Assessment Screening Instrument prescreen to aid in decision making on the referral 
  7. Monitors informal agreements entered by the department and families 
  8. Makes referrals to necessary groups and/or community services 
  9. Provides intake worker backup consultation on a rotating bi-weekly basis to assess for jurisdiction and authorize emergency placements after hours. 
  10. Provides assistance on a backup and/or consultation basis to ongoing social workers as needed when the assigned ongoing worker is not available 
  11. Attends Detention Hearings and makes a recommendation to the Court regarding placement decisions on behalf of the Department 
  12. Acts as the liaison and assists with all out of state juvenile returns (runaway, absconder, etc.) and documents all information in UNITY following the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Juveniles 
  13. Coordinates new referrals to the Promoting Alternatives to Corrections through Education (PACE) program including: admission, collaboration with the placing county and PACE team, completion of required consents and authorizations, and coordination of any dental needs.

Typical Qualifications

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: 

  • An ability to understand and follow directions as well as read and write reports. 
  • Knowledge of interviewing, communication, and counseling. 
  • Knowledge of Federal and State laws, rules, standards and regulations pertaining to practice area. 
  • Sensitivity to social problems, such as family disorganization, discrimination, disability, poverty, unemployment, etc. and the impact on the families. 
  • Ability to resolve crisis. 
  • Ability to write concise court reports. 
  • Ability to meet deadlines for paperwork and court work. 
  • Ability to assess safety.   
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality, exercise sound judgment in confrontational and stressful situations, and follow instructions, to complete tasks and to work closely with the supervisor and others 

Minimum required qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work with Social Work Certification, or eligible for Social Work Certification to be completed within 1 year of employment           


  • Bachelor’s Degree in a related Human Services program with Social Work Certification,  and eligible to enroll  in Social Work Training Certificate approved courses to obtain Social Work Certification within 2 years from employment

Other Requirements:

  • At least two years of experience or equivalent combination of education and experience  
  • Competent computer skills and computer experience  
  • Must successfully pass caregiver and criminal background check. 
  • Must possess a valid driver’s license and unlimited access to a personal vehicle 
  • A minimum of $250,000/$500,000 auto liability insurance coverage verified upon hire and at renewal by providing a copy of the declaration page of your policy from your insurance carrier 
  • Willingness to utilize personal vehicle as necessary to perform job duties and responsibilities including transport of agency consumers, if necessary. 

In evaluating candidates for this position, the County may consider a combination of education, training and experience which provides the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to perform the duties of the position.


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