Fond du Lac Works for Michels Corporation

Building America’s infrastructure.

Michels Corporation has been pioneering innovative new technologies for more than five decades. With a proven track record of success, Michels has earned a sterling reputation while growing from a small pipeline construction company into one of the largest utility contractors in North America. Michels offers construction, engineering and procurement services to keep pace with the growing demand in the energy, transportation, telecommunications and utility construction industries.

Michels is known for our enviable fleet of more than 10,000 pieces of heavy equipment, but we know it is our fleet of people that matter most. Our people in the field and in the office are the ones who use the tools to continually meet the challenges of our industry and breathe life in our core values, code of ethics, vision and mission. Over the last year, Michels has filled more than 400 positions. Michels provides competitive wages and benefits, employee training and development programs through Michels University, and career advancement opportunities.

Michels’ people get the satisfaction of knowing we are building America’s infrastructure and are part of some of the most significant construction projects in recent years. We do work that matters to anyone who heats a house, drives a car, cooks on a stove, turns on light, enters a building and connects to a data network.

Michels remains headquartered in Brownsville, Wis and is licensed to work in all 50 states. The family owned and operated company has 26 permanent offices and yards from coast to coast, including Canada. Michels has received many awards for its work, which includes some of the most significant pipeline construction projects in the United States and record-setting, highly complex trenchless pipeline installations.

Michels Corporation