Volleyball Middle School Coach

Rosendale-Brandon School District is currently accepting applications for a Middle School Volleyball Coach for the. Games and practice times will vary and will require daytime, evenings work. Complete Job Description available here. Interested parties may obtain an application from any of the school offices or the district website, www.rbsd.us. Please send completed application, letter of interest, and resume to Cody Moon (mailto:mooncod@rbsd.k12.wi.us), Laconia High School, 301 W Division St Rosendale, WI 54974. This position remains open until filled.


Professional and Personal Relationships and Expectations:
❖ Cooperation
❖ Leadership and Public Relations
❖ Discipline
❖ Consistency
❖ Responsibility to middle and high school programs

Coaching Techniques:
❖ Use sound and acceptable teaching practices
❖ Run well organized practice sessions
❖ Complete pre-season planning (well in advance of starting date)
❖ Adhere to a highly efficient and technically sound program of injury prevention
❖ Construct a well organized game plan
❖ Develop a sound system for equipment accountability
❖ Follow District security & safety guidelines

To the Players:
❖ Provide opportunities to allow students to reach their capabilities to their fullest.
❖ Development of positive attitudes, ethical, aggressive and fair play behavior while stressing good sportsmanship at all times
❖ Be fair, unprejudiced, sensitive to individual differences, needs, interests, temperaments, aptitudes and tolerances
❖ Ensuring safety and welfare of each player should always be uppermost in coach’s mind

To the School District:
❖ Responsible for pre and post season paperwork to the District and the WIAA
❖ Follow the chain of command
❖ Display appropriate behavior with officials, students, fans and parents
❖ Be a role model

Position Qualifications:
❖ Coaching experience
❖ Knowledge of WIAA Rules and Regulations
❖ Ability to work and communicate effectively with students, parents, teachers and the community
❖ Excellent organizational skills
❖ Strong emphasis on teaching and developing the fundamentals of the sport
❖ Comply with and enforce the Athletic Handbook

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