Where the Future Begins!

The Start of Many Future Careers

Where better to search for future careers than where the education begins. I had a great opportunity to tour Moraine Park Technical College’s Fond du Lac campus. Here, I was informed on multiple programs a person can take to prepare themselves for the workforce. I observed many career paths from nursing, welding, cosmetology and even culinary.

Fun Fact: Did you know that students provide their own services for the public?!

Park Terrance, MPTC Automotive Lab, Office Plus, and Technique Salon are all businesses located on campus to provide services for the public at a low cost! Why not help students learn and receive services at a fraction of the cost?! Who wouldn’t want to do that?!

Hands-on Learning

I learned that students are given hands-on learning education which helps them transition into the workforce. Moraine Park works together with high schools and many employers around the Fond du Lac Area to better understand and help prepare their students for the workforce. They bring programs such as Youth Apprenticeship, Project G.R.I.L.L, Business and, — Industry & Education Day to our community!

I have personally experienced Moraine Park Technical College’s influence through my high school. I was able to take classes in Business and Marketing to receive college credit that would transfer to their school. This opportunity is available to high school students to get a head start on college courses at no expense. I mean who would give up this great opportunity?!

Save Money!

At Moraine Park Technical College students can receive their associates degree and transfer those credits to a 4 year college to achieve there Graduates degree. Many students earn their associates degree and begin to work in their field of interest. This helps students save money for their graduate courses and gain the experience they need to continue working on their career path!

For more information on credit transfers and the variety of programs and classes that fit your personal needs go to www.morainepark.edu!

  • Jennifer Rivera
    Youth Apprentice at FDL Association of Commerce

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